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NAWLINS by Ben Cherot

MURDER AND MAYHEM in the Big Easy, a unique locale where most things are abided—whether normal, not so normal . . . or plain outlandish. 

Mike Molino is dispatched to New Orleans by Louisiana’s Attorney General to investigate the slaughter of three prominent black men in one of the city’s finest restaurants. That heinous crime raises the specter of   partisan malevolence.  Or was it motivated by abject racism?

NAWLINS CoverMike Molino is detested by the NOPD because during the past year his corruption investigations led to convictions of nineteen of their so-called finest. Many in the state except that corruption rules and fuels that sinful metropolis, where the police are notorious for mishandling cases.

Mike Molino accepts a comely female NOPD detective as liaisons.  While skeptical of her motives, he succumbs to her attractiveness, but their romance is tested by the competition between the two organizations.



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